Frequently Asked Questions2020-06-27T14:19:36+02:00

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to book you, what happens now?2020-05-31T13:59:04+02:00

You are unique and you deserve to be treated as such! I will send you a mail getting to know you and your event a little better and using that info I will create a quote just for you. Once you have accepted the quote, 30% of the quote total – which is non-refundable – will need to be paid so that the date requested will be secured. THe balance of the quote will be due 3 days before your event.

Do you use a second shooter?2020-05-31T14:01:21+02:00

That will depend on the size of your event. For small to medium size events, I may work with an assistant but for larger events, or if you require it, I may use a second shooter to ensure that your event is adequately covered.

Do you carry a backup camera?2020-05-31T14:05:53+02:00

Yes I do. Life happens but that does not mean it comes to a grinding halt. A backup camera will be on hand in the event something should happen to the one I am using.

Do you travel for shoots?2020-05-31T14:07:32+02:00

If ever you meet a photographer who would not want to shoot in faraway locations, run and run away fast! Depending on where your event takes place, travel and accommodation may be required but don’t you worry about making any arrangements, I will take care of that for you. One less thing to worry about!

How do you accept payment?2020-05-31T14:07:51+02:00

Payments can be made by way of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or cash deposit. Unfortunately I do not accept cheques, credit/debit cards or PayPal payments currently.

When will we get our wedding photos?2020-05-31T14:08:27+02:00

1-2 weeks for engagement photos.
6-8 weeks for wedding photos.
4-5 weeks for albums once the final layout has been approved by you.

Will the photos be posted online?2020-05-31T14:08:48+02:00

Yes please as a large portion of my clients find me online. Not all images from your event will be posted and any images that are posted online are carefully considered. I also won’t post any images that you are uncomfortable with.

Who selects the images for the album?2020-05-31T14:09:11+02:00

You! Once you have received the digital images, I will guide you every step of the album creation process. Once you have signed off on the layout, the album will be sent for printing.

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